2020 Lawn Care Agreement Form! ►THIS Changed EVERYTHING! [Free Download!] (2023)


Today we're going to be sharing some information with you guys that I wish had when I first started my lawn care business, and that is our custom lawn agreement forms! We send these out every spring to our clients and it's been a critical part to our success for the upcoming season.

One of the most popular questions I get related to how to start a lawn care business is how to get customers and get work for the upcoming season. Well if you guys are anything like me, you'd much rather play offense than defense throughout the year. That's what these forms have helped me to do and transform my business and have a much better season out of the gates.

Make sure you watch the video all the way through so you can see how we implement this form into a system to get the best results.

If you want to download the editable form, get it here:
Scroll to the bottom of the website for free opt-in!

If you guys also want the commercial lawn care contract form that we send out via email to our commercial customers, you can get that here as well:

Let me know if you guys plan to use this form in your business for 2020, and if you think this will help you to get streamlined and organized for the upcoming season!

Did you guys implement these into your business last year? If so, how did they go, were they well received? Love to hear your guys feedback down in the comments!

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Hey, what's up guys, it's Brian here, Brian, Zalman, it's, all right today.

I want to talk to you guys for just a few minutes here about our 2020 long agreement form.

This is the actual form that I'm going to be sending out to all of my customers that you guys can also cash in on and download for free.

If you guys want to check it out, well, actually my gonna send this exact one I'm gonna modify it here and make it personable to my business, just like you guys can now do because this is an editable version of the same form.

We gave away last year.

So without further ado let's, check it out.

Alright, guys.

So if you're new to the channel I'm all about helping, you guys grow and more successful lawn care, landscaping business.

And how I do that is by sometimes giving away free stuff that you guys can download to implement into your business.

A lot of you guys have seen our lawn care postcard.

We just did a video on that about a week ago.

Maybe two weeks ago, I'll make sure to link that at the end, if you guys want to check this out, but in terms of marketing and growing the business.

This is the freeform that I'm gonna make available to you guys.

All you gotta do is go to the launch premier.

Academy com scroll all the way to the bottom punch in your little your name and your email.

And you can download this form for free I'm giving this away to the lunker community, just as a resource to help you guys out to help.

You grow your business I wish I had something like this about ten years ago, when I was starting my lawn and landscape business now here's the deal before you just rush off the video to go download the form.

This is not a silver bullet.

Okay, there is a little bit of a system here that I want to explain to you guys for just the next minute or two.

So you can understand how to use this form in the rest of your system to help.

You guys grow your business.

As you go into the 2020 season now, I'll be honest with you guys, I think like 2,000 of you downloaded this form last spring, which was just absolutely crazy.

I had just made my launch premiere, academy.com website, which allows me to keep in touch with you guys, just you know, have an email subscription list if you will.

So many of you guys have really jumped on that and appreciated it and here's the deal two thousand, plus of you downloaded the forum.

But a lot of you guys also wanted to have a DES table.

Well, at the time, my own forum was just a PDF.

So you get what you get right.

But a lot of you guys took the same template made your own so on and so forth and made this for your own business, which is really cool.

Well, I heard a lot of you guys that wanted an editable downloadable version.

So here you go, it should be a Word document.

Now when you open up in Word, you're, still gonna have to modify some things naturally so it's, not just an instant download instant plug-and-play, but that's.

Why I wanted to publish this video now to give you guys a week or two to implement this and clean it up and to make it your own as you guys implement this into your business as we go into spring.

So not to make this video, any lengthier than it needs to be what is this forum about.

And how does this help me grow my lawn and landscape business? Well, a lot of you guys have watched this video for two or three years.

Now that I've been giving this forum away or sharing this resource that I've included in my own business.

And so here's.

The deal a couple years ago, I was noticing that every time we go into spring.

It was almost a like a crapshoot.

It was almost a guessing game about who's signing up who wants certain services how much revenue are we really gonna make and my calendar wasn't really booked going into the season.

It was kind of just a crapshoot like I said, it was a guesswork, are we gonna make 50 grand in revenue 150 grand in revenue? Some of you guys, two, three, four hundred grand in revenue, we just never really knew where we stood with all of our customers with what kind of services they're going to want for the upcoming season.

So I said, I had to slow down the speed up and kind of backtrack a little bit and say, well, how do I start to get an inquiry or a pulse on my clients and what they're looking for? How do I know somebody wants mulch this year? How do I know somebody who wants landscaping? How do I know somebody wants fertilizer? Well, if you're large national company, you have confirmation phone call season that's, usually in January.

Okay? Well, good for those guys, I don't have people on staff in a call center, or in a boiler room to make all those phone calls right something I learned way back in the day working at TruGreen.

Well, instead from my business.

This is what we use.

We use a snail mail.

This is an old-school just mailed this out to our customer.

We usually send it out the first week of February, which is what we're gonna be doing and we're gonna send this out to all of our customers in entire day.

The idea of this form is to capture interest and see what folks are looking for for the upcoming season.

Now really simply I'll go through the form, which it takes 10 seconds.

But folks have a way to update all their contact information, which you run a business, it's, actually, really critical.

You have everybody's up-to-date, milling address their phone number their email.

People move people.

You know, over four or five months of winter.

They might move and sell the house.

You don't, even know, again, you're about to go cut their grass.

You think for the upcoming season and collect $1500 of revenue.

But you know, just like you did last year.

But the reality is they don't even live there anymore.

This form already solves knowing that problem in February first, when you mill this out and you get it back versus, you know, walking to the season, April, May, June thinking that you're gonna just sign that customer up and you're good to go again.

It was a way to just clear out the clutter and make sure I really knew what I was walking into for the upcoming season.

So everybody's contact.

Info is really critical.

Now here's the deal on the bottom it's, all the different services, we're going to be offering that upcoming season.

They have little checkbox systems.

I got away with what they did last year, the extra square and now it's just a single square where they can just check off what they want for the upcoming season.

Now, a big thing like I said, a lot of you guys wanted this editable, well, some of you didn't offer mulch.

Some of you guys didn't offer fertilization.

Some of you didn't offer spring, fall, cleanups and that's, totally cool.

So now, if you guys see different services on the bottom that you don't want to include part of this form for your business, you guys can remove those and just clear up the space or add something different.

Maybe you want to add weed pulling or something like that or flower install totally up to you now, here's the deal.

Some of the services like mulch, install and fertilizer you're still gonna have to estimate, and you know, get some pricing together.

So it says, please call for estimate, but a weekly mowing price or an aeration.

You should be able to add a glance, or even just on a good mapping software be able to price those over the forum or over the phone.

If you will when I send this whole thing out, it comes in snail mail and a number 10 envelope.

And inside is a number nine, return envelope, right so it's a system to get all this information back.

We don't pre stamp or anything like that.

They can spend their forty-nine cents, whatever it is right now.

Here's the deal.

These go out to all of our residential clients now commercial we do send out a commercial contract form, I made one of those available for you guys, it's like 20 bucks I'm, not giving that one away for free cuz, it's kind of meaty it's got some really good language.

So if you guys want a commercial lawn care contract while you're at launch preneurcast com, getting this form for free, hey support.

The channel support launch premiere academy support your own business, buy the other lawn care maintenance contract for 20 bucks, it's, a steal like I, didn't have a contract.

Ten years ago, I wish somebody would have made something like that available right.

So all of our commercial accounts they get a actual contract it's, pretty much the same thing very similar by Nature we're gonna attach that to the email we send to those as a proposal.

We get that back same thing.

We can book our calendar, right, that's commercial whole nother video for a whole other time.

I'm gonna do some other videos like that in the next two three weeks residential coming back.

We get about a hundred of these back in the middle well, really it's about eighty percent right? Eight out of ten people send these back by the end of March, usually.

And what I do is now I can make a whole master file I.

You just use an Excel spreadsheet on my computer.

And then I just start booking my calendar.

Right? So if I get obviously everybody's, who's, probably gonna get this is gonna sign up for lawn care because I'm a lawn maintenance company.

And we get ATP.

No people sign back up.

I can start making my days, my routes and kind of figure out what we're gonna be doing to book our calendar.

Right? When I get, you know, fifteen or eighteen or twenty different folks that check off the mulch box.

Now I can start Clem, hey, what colors what how much where do you want service so on and so forth? I can start getting all those mulch, pricings and estimates together in March instead of trying to have those conversations in April or May.

And just when it's already busy while not doing anything.

And you know, early February in March I can start doing all those estimates.

Now as you guys would imagine we get all these forms back.

We get all of our aerations all of our mulch, all of our flowers all of our weed, pulling whatever services you guys offer.

And now we can start filling in our calendar for the whole six months in advance.

And as an example, we got fall, aerations fall pruning.

And we got fall cleanups right in this summer time, for example, in the past, what I don't, let me know if you guys have ever been in this situation in the past I'd be going in the fall going man, I have no revenue in the books, I, don't know who wants to fall cleanup, hopefully we can pay our bills.

Now when I send this form out people already pre scheduled their fall, aerations, their fall over seating, their fall, cutbacks and pruning and their fall cleanups.

Now, I go into fall with 20 30 grand of revenue on the books versus playing defense back in the day, I didn't know, what I was doing right? I, didn't know what we were gonna be making, hopefully this makes some sense, hopefully, this helps you guys out if you guys want to get this form like I said, earlier, go to launch / new Academy com scroll all the way to the bottom.

You can plug it in it's.

Not a weight set start spamming.

You guys with a bunch of emails.

We send out like a monthly newsletter just to keep in touch with out, but here's the deal.

This right here was a game-changer for my business.

If you guys are trying to get organized with your lawn care business, your long career season, this is something that might aid you guys.

So let me know you guys like free resources like this is this helpful, I, really sincerely just want to help you guys grow out more successful business.

This is something that changed my business about three years ago and it's been just I don't, see a silver bullet, but it's been a huge focal point and a cornerstone to my business as we go into the season having an inquiry on the upcoming season.

So I know, what we're gonna be doing for revenue up here like I said, everything in bold, you guys can change out I need the language.

You guys can change out the logo.

Obviously, you can change out your business name, anything that's in bold.

You can change out likes it.

All these different squares, if there's different services you guys offer you can change out, maybe you don't offer fertilize, you know, take it out put weed control in or something like that.

And you guys can add that instead, alright, guys, sorry for the raspy voice, I'm still getting over this sickness.

This head cold that I had this last week, I wanted to get this form out to you guys this last week of January here.

So you guys could start downloading it plugging in your own information.

And then get all these sent out snail mail, the first or second week of February and start getting these all back.

So you guys can start growing your company and playing offense in the spring.

So if this video helped you guys out if this forum helped you guys out do me, a big favor shoot the video, a big thumbs up feel free to share this video with another lawn care.

Buddy, if you think it can help them get organized for their upcoming season, but guys, that's it for me, appreciate your watching so much I'll leave some other videos here about our postcards and marketing.

If you guys are trying to figure out that stuff as we go into spring as well.

So, alright, guys, that's it.

Thanks so much for watching you guys have a good one.


How do I write a bid proposal for lawn care? ›

How to Create a Lawn Care bid
  1. Reference Your Landscaping Business Address and That of Your Customer. ...
  2. Customize Your Bid Sheet With Your Business Logo. ...
  3. Input a Bid Number on Your Landscaping Estimate. ...
  4. Capture the Current Date on Your Lawn Care Bid. ...
  5. Calculate and Enter the Cost of Your Lawn Care Equipment.

How much is spent on lawn care in the US? ›

The average lawn care cost per month is $100, but it can range from $65 to $150 each month. Some lawn care costs are as low as $40 monthly. However, it can go as high as $900 a month. These costs depend on several variables which you'll learn more about below.

How to start a lawn care business in Florida? ›

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  3. Purchase the necessary equipment.
  4. Secure a work vehicle.
  5. Get the required insurance.
  6. Build a website.
  7. Market your services.
  8. Set up vehicle tracking.
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What do most people charge to mow a lawn? ›

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How do I make an invoice for mowing? ›

What to include in a lawn maintenance invoice.
  1. Company name and contact details.
  2. Client name and contact details.
  3. Date of invoice and invoice number.
  4. Itemized list of services, including materials or supplies needed.
  5. Rate for services, either hourly or project-based.
  6. Subtotal.
  7. Any tax, discounts, and fees as applicable.

How do you write a simple bid? ›

Elements of a bid proposal
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  2. Contractor's contact information.
  3. Job name.
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  6. Pricing information.
  7. Additional terms and conditions of the agreement.
  8. Estimated project timeline.
Mar 10, 2023

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  2. Project scope. ...
  3. Existing conditions. ...
  4. Cost. ...
  5. Relevant documentation. ...
  6. Work schedule. ...
  7. Formal signatures. ...
  8. Seek to understand the project in depth.
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How often should you cut your lawn? ›

If there is a lot of rain or if you fertilize heavily, you'll want to mow every 4 days to keep your grass from getting too long. However, when the weather is hot and generally dry, you'll be safe to mow either every 5 or 6 days.

How much time do people spend mowing their lawns? ›

On average, Americans will spend over 384 hours of their lifetime mowing their lawn—that's 16 days!

What is the profit margin for lawn care? ›

Successful lawn care and landscaping can have operating profit margins between 15% to 45%. Your operating profit margin tells you how much money you take home after deducting your operating costs—labor, material, equipment, and overhead costs.

Do you need a license to have a lawn care business in Florida? ›

In Florida, however, lawn care operators fall under the landscape design umbrella. Floridian landscape design companies can mow, trim, plant and maintain lawns without using pesticides. But you need to get a business license from the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations before you work on anyone's yard.

How much can you earn from lawn care business in Florida? ›

As of Jun 13, 2023, the average annual pay for the Lawn Care jobs category in Florida is $23,487 a year.

How much do lawn care workers make in Florida? ›

The average salary for a lawn service worker in Florida is $29,000 per year.

How much do most lawn care companies charge? ›

Cost Estimator by Service Type
Lawn Care ServiceAverage Cost
Mowing$29 to $65
Aeration$75 to $225
Dethatching$190 per hour
Weeding$65 to $120 (varies depending on method)
13 more rows
May 31, 2023

How long does it take to mow 1 acre? ›

To mow an acre of lawn (assumed flat with no landscaping obstacles) with a 21" mower deck at 3 mph, it will take approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes.

How much does a lawn mower cost? ›

A gas-powered manual push mower will typically cost between $140 and $570, with the average lawn mower price at $265. If you want a self-propelled mower, you could spend between $170 and $2,100. Usually, you will pay around $370.

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Can I just make my own invoice? ›

There are several ways to create an invoice. Many businesses use a document creation app like Microsoft Word or a spreadsheet to make invoices from scratch or from a limited set of pre-installed templates. Other businesses use invoice templates available online.

How to do an invoice for hourly rate? ›

Here's a checklist of the information that you should include in an hourly invoice:
  1. Label as an invoice.
  2. Your name and contact information.
  3. Invoice number.
  4. Date of the invoice.
  5. Billing period.
  6. Client name and address.
  7. A breakdown of services rendered.
  8. Hourly rates.
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Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense bids , present participle bidding , past tense bade , past participle bidden language note: American English sometimes uses the form bid for the past tense.

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Bid-Ask Spread (percentage) = ((Ask/Offer Price- Bid/Buy Price) – Ask/Offer Price) X 100. Example to help understand bid-ask spread calculation. Let's say a stock is trading at Rs. 9.50 or Rs.

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With auctions, bidders are looking for a deal. You should set the starting price below fair market value to show your guests the potential for a great deal. Setting the starting bid around 25-30% of the fair market value gives bidders the chance to win the item well below market value.

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Verb I'll bid $100 for the lamp but no higher. He plans to stop bidding if the bids go over $500. She bid for a desk and a chair.

What is an example of bid? ›

Suppose Alex wants to buy shares in company ABC. The stock is trading in a range between $10 and $15. But Alex is not willing to pay more than $12 for them, so they place a limit order of $12 for ABC's shares. This is their bid price.

How do you write a successful bid? ›

Writing a successful bid
  1. Why the bid is relevant – what the problem is.
  2. Strategic fit – explain how your application links to other priorities and initiatives.
  3. What the outcomes and impact will be if they fund it.
  4. Why your organisation is ideally placed to deliver the project.

What should I say in a proposal example? ›

Short Marriage Proposal Wording
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  • Let's put our hearts into each other's hands for life.
  • I do, do you?
  • Pick me?
  • Wear the ring for "yes," close the box for "no."
  • I give you all of me forever, can I have all of you?
  • Me and you, together forever?
  • Me plus you equal married?

What comes first in a written proposal? ›

1. Introduce yourself and provide background information. The goal of your proposal's introduction is to gain the interest of your reader. This paragraph should include basic information about your company and an overview of the topic to make it clear what the recipient will be reading.

Is it better to cut grass at night or in the morning? ›

Summary. Try to mow your lawn in the middle of the morning when the grass is dry. Otherwise, mow in the late afternoon after 4:00 p.m. Keep your lawnmower's blades sharp by maintaining them every month for the smoothest cuts.

Is it better to leave grass long or cut before winter? ›

An improper cut can cause stress to the plant. If your cut your grass too short, the cold weather can stress or damage the roots or leaves. If your grass is too long, it's at risk for disease. The ideal grass height for winter is between 2 inches and 2.5 inches.

What time of year should you remove your lawn? ›

Dig up your lawn in spring or summer, when grass is actively growing. Solarize in the summer, when days are hot and sunny. Sheet mulch in fall to give your organic material the entire winter to decompose. That way, your yard will be fresh for spring planting.

Is mowing lawn once a week too much? ›

Frequency of Mowing

Typically, mowing once a week during the growing season should suffice to keep your lawn healthy. The rest of the time, you can reduce the frequency of cutting to every other week, as necessary.

Should grass be mowed long or short? ›

Mowing too short or scalping results in stress to the grass plant. Weak grass plants will take longer to recover. To maintain a 3-inch lawn, mow before the grass reaches 4.5 inches tall. Mowing too short can allow weed seeds to get more sun and increase the chance of germination.

How long does the average person spend doing yard work? ›

It might not seem like you're out there long, but those hours add up over the years. A new survey from House Method reveals Americans with an average yard size of 0.15 acres will spend anywhere from seven to 48 days of their life cutting the grass.

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“The general rule of thumb with this strategy is to strive to break even on maintenance and then make the most profit from enhancements, irrigation, and lawn care. Traditionally, mowing and mulching are the two least profitable landscaping services—and at the bottom line may actually be unprofitable.”

Is mowing lawns a good way to make money? ›

On average, you can gross about $80,000 a year in revenue by running a successful lawn care business. But spending your summer weekends trimming grass is one thing—turning it into a profitable business is another thing altogether. Unlike other small businesses, lawn care is a seasonal affair.

How can I increase my lawn care business revenue? ›

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  2. Offer Curbing as an Add-on Service. ...
  3. Offer Landscaping Seminars. ...
  4. Focus on Client Retention. ...
  5. Expand Your Service Area. ...
  6. Develop Off-Season Services. ...
  7. Bundle Services.
Dec 1, 2019

How do I start a lawn care business name? ›

Here are some examples of professional lawn mowing company names:
  1. Accelerate Lawn Solutions.
  2. Accomplish Lawn Experts.
  3. Adept Lawn Care.
  4. Admire Lawn Maintenance.
  5. Advance Lawn Service.
  6. Advantage Lawn.
  7. Ally Lawn Solutions.
  8. Artistry Lawns.
Jul 14, 2022

Do I need a business license to mow lawns in Texas? ›

Texas does not need landscapers to have a state license. However, you must possess a commercial pesticide applicator license if you'll be using restricted-use or state-limited-use pesticides as part of your lawn care or landscaping service.

Do you need a license to mow lawns in California? ›

Gardeners who routinely maintain yards (mowing, weeding, shrub trimming) generally are not required to hold a state license unless they install construction-related extras or perform repairs that exceed the $500 limit.

Do landscapers make good money in Florida? ›

The salary range for a Landscaper job is from $27,970 to $34,102 per year in Florida.

How much is a business license in Florida? ›

How much is a Florida Business License? Florida doesn't have a general business license at the state level, so there are no fees there. However, your business may need a state-level occupational license or municipal-level license or permit to operate.

How do I get a lawn care license in Florida? ›

Must have completed both FNGLA's Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) and Landscape Technician (FCLT) certifications. Must have a minimum three years' experience in the horticulture/landscape industry with one of those years working in Florida.

How much does a landscape get paid in Florida? ›

The average salary for a landscaper in Florida is $29,000 per year. Landscaper salaries in Florida can vary between $16,500 to $55,500 and depend on various factors, including skills, experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.

How much does a landscape laborer earn in Florida? ›

Landscape Laborer Salary in Florida
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$32,660$16
75th Percentile$29,075$14
25th Percentile$21,508$10

What do lawn care customers want? ›

They want to know they can trust you not to do damage, either by ruining their lawn or by stealing items or information from their homes. Also, clients want to feel comfortable approaching you with questions or concerns.

What makes a good lawn? ›

Grass roots need oxygen as well as water and nutrients. Aerating — the process of removing small plugs of soil (see illustration) — produces multiple benefits. It improves air-to-soil interaction. It allows water and fertilizer to penetrate the soil deeper and easier.

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Gardener. Greenskeeper. Groundsworker.

What state is best for starting a lawn care business? ›

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What's another name for lawn care? ›

What is another word for lawn care?
grass cuttinggrass trimming
lawn mowingedging
groundskeepinglawn maintenance

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