Anonymous LLC: Hide Ownership in These States and Countries (2024)


Anonymous LLC states and countries you can trust to maintain privacy and protect assets from lawsuits. We discuss Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming and Nevis and how to own your other companies in secrecy. Visit or call +1-954-400-1050 Please "Like," SUBSCRIBE: / Discount code "BG25" for $25 off a land trust or LLC and "BGTrust100" for $100 off of an asset protection trust. Call today and speak with one of our attorneys or consultants.

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Hi this is the business guy with asset protection, planners and lawyers, limited, would you like to set up an llc and make sure your name isn't all over it for people who want to sniff around to sue you? If you already have one or more llc's, maybe it's too late.

Once your name is on the company it's game over even if you change the manager, your name still appears in the history of the company and people can tie you to it say, you have eight different llc's all with your own name.

Each one owns a different rental property.

Somebody sees you have eight llc's.

And the next thing they do is say hot dog.

We've got somebody with deep pockets let's, go after him or her we're talking about how to keep your llc's anonymous.

So nobody knows you own them.

But you I've been in the asset protection from lawsuits field since 1991 and bring you my personal experience.

Our company started in 1906.

We have attorneys on staff and have employees nationwide.

And if you're watching this on youtube, please click the like button below and enter your comments.

And you can also click the subscribe button.

So that when more videos come out like this you'll be up to date, right away, here's an example of where owning your llc's, privately could save you a ton of money and a bunch of headaches.

I have a friend of mine.

He lived in new jersey at the time.

He had a building violation on one building the next thing.

You know, the inspector is looking in the public records to see what other companies.

He owns, then all of a sudden that inspector is slapping all kinds of violations and fines on all the rest of his properties.

What we really want is a chinese firewall between you and your companies that is we want to be sure that when we set up an llc, it doesn't have your name all over it say, you already set up an llc, and you look in the public records, and the whole world can see you're a manager in some states.

They can see you're a member attorneys looking for people with deep pockets know, it's you who's conducting, the business say you have several llc's that get somebody's attention.

They call an attorney that attorney needs to put food on his or her family's table.

He, or she stays up until one in the morning, writing legal papers with your name all over it.

Now, why would they do that? What do all these companies mean to a third party? It means that you as the owner has deep pockets.

So when you lay a foundation that secures your wealth, one of the first important elements is to ensure that the casual observer, doesn't know that you have all of these assets, it's on a need to know basis, not a put on a show basis.

So that is the mistake.

So many business people make when they set up limited liability companies.

And that is because they're professionals, who may know their own businesses, but simply don't know what they're doing from a legal and asset protection perspective.

They simply don't know where they're vulnerable and where the risks are that lead them wide open to financial plunder.

So what do we do? How do we create an llc where their information is private and it's remarkable? How simple it really is to set up a legal tool, where your name will never show up that way some hungry contingent fee attorney will never track your scent.

So what do we do for clients? We either set up a wyoming, llc or much much better a nevis llc, that's nevis, which is an island in the caribbean.

We've set up more llc's there than anybody in the world, much better privacy and protection from lawsuits than any u.s llc.

We can also do this in nevada and delaware as well, but nevis has much better benefits at a very reasonable cost.

For example, before somebody sues you in nevis to try to get assets from inside the llc and nevis.

They'd have to post a bond, but bond could be a hundred thousand dollars.

Two hundred thousand dollars.

Whatever the court decides no u.s company has this tremendous barrier to suing you for your assets, though nevis, llc assets are protected right away after two years, the courts will refuse to even hear a challenge, your creditor puts forth to try to get the assets you moved inside the company, even if your creditor wins, they can't force you to turn over your llc assets.

And that charging order they got against you vanishes after three years, and it can't be renewed in the us that's up to 20 years and since we're talking about llc privacy, we also have nominee managers who have no true control, but people contract our services to put our nominee managers in the public record.

So nobody knows you on the companies, nevis, wyoming, nevada and delaware impose, no income taxes on llcs that do business outside their borders.

So it's, just the federal tax, a one-person llc offers charging order protection.

So that when somebody sues you there are provisions in the law where nobody can take the company away from you or the assets inside now, they're not as strong as the international asset protection trusts that we establish.

In that case, we put the llc inside of the offshore trust.

But the offshore llc in nevis is one of the strongest forms of asset protection short of an offshore, trust, nevis, wyoming, nevada and delaware all allow us to set up your company with a nominee manager, which keeps your name private.

Now, with u.s companies, a new law says, you have to report your ownership to fincin, and they will know that you're tied to your company.

So your nevis company owns all of your other companies, and nobody will know that you have multiple llc's and that's, how we keep your privacy and hold the legal hyenas at bay.

So how does it work here's? How first call us and have us set up a nevis llc ask us to add the nominee manager.

So our guy over here, serves as your nominee llc manager.

We have an agreement where you're in the driver's seat.

And the nominee has no control of the company once we set up your nevis llc that nevis llc can act as manager of all of your other llc's in any other state.

So you have your california, llc, new york, llc, florida, texas, illinois, georgia, llc or wherever.

And they all point back to your private nevis llc.

Now we set up all of the rest of your llc's in the u.s with member managed llc's in many states.

You must list the members that member is your nevis llc in almost all states.

You also need to list a manager.

The manager of all of your llc's is also your nevis llc.

So some potential litigant or creditor snoops around.

They search for your name in the state's database, and they find nothing with your name on it associated with any llc in any state.

Nobody knows you're part of the companies.

So let's say they are looking at the company right here.

This llc has a property in it and just like a client who called us recently.

Their tenant said, there was mold on the property.

She said, she and her son were not feeling very well.

They got a hold of an attorney who wants to know, who's behind it.

Well, too bad for them it's, not going to be you because you called us and had to set up a private nevis llc without your name all over it.

So even if they try to find your name in nevis, the nevis government says, sorry, we don't reveal owners here for civil legal cases, too bad.

So you're, the one who has 100 control, but your opponent won't find that in the public records.

So what we've done for you is, we've created the perfect structure where your nevis llc that is one nevis llc can provide nearly unlimited privacy for every other llc that you own there's, no income taxes on nevis llc's that operate outside of nevis and nevis llc is tax neutral.

So it does not increase or decrease your us taxes.

It all flows right back to you.

So you keep all of your tax deductions and everything remains in place.

And it starts by getting us on the phone.

You can ask all your questions or filling out a free consultation form at

And having us set up a nevis llc.

Then you can have a structure as many us llc's as you want under that nevis llc umbrella so that's, how you own all of your llc's, privately, please click like subscribe and share this video with others.

Thanks for watching.

This is the business guy foreign.

Anonymous LLC: Hide Ownership in These States and Countries (2024)


Anonymous LLC: Hide Ownership in These States and Countries? ›

New Mexico

This is the only state that does not require disclosure of the ownership of an anonymous LLC to the state, which means your business can expect the strongest privacy and confidentiality. Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming do require identification of owners to the state.

What is the best state for an anonymous LLC? ›

New Mexico

This is the only state that does not require disclosure of the ownership of an anonymous LLC to the state, which means your business can expect the strongest privacy and confidentiality. Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming do require identification of owners to the state.

Which states have anonymous LLC? ›

4 States That Allow Anonymous LLCs
  • Delaware. Strong state privacy laws make Delaware a popular state for forming anonymous LLCs. ...
  • Nevada. Nevada is another state that allows anonymous LLCs. ...
  • New Mexico. ...
  • Wyoming. ...
  • Other States. ...
  • Name Your Company. ...
  • Get a Registered Agent. ...
  • File the Necessary Paperwork.
May 9, 2023

Who are the owners of an anonymous company? ›

Anonymous corporation ownership refers to a company structure that allows business owners to remain private without divulging their information publicly. While their information will be on record when registering the corporation, their names and addresses will not be public for everyone to see.

What are the cons of an anonymous LLC? ›

Cons of an Anonymous LLC

As an anonymous LLC, the business is subject to lawsuits and, through a subpoena filed by an attorney, can be required to identify the owners. Any third-party person or organization doing business with an anonymous LLC is subject to the legal system of the state.

What are the best states to open an LLC for foreigners? ›

Which state is best for non-resident LLCs? Wyoming, New Mexico, and Delaware are the best states for non-citizens to register LLCs in the US in terms of popularity. The factors driving their popularity with foreign founders are privacy, low costs, and funding-friendly local regulations.

Why is anonymity important for LLC? ›

If you're looking to protect your privacy and keep your ownership information out of the public record, the answer is a resounding “YES!” Forming an anonymous LLC will allow you to guard your personal information while shielding your investments from creditors, lawsuits, and harassers.

Are LLCs legal in all states in the US? ›

All 50 states allow business owners to form an LLC, meaning you could technically file your LLC anywhere in the U.S. But if you have a small business that only operates in one state, your home state is usually the least expensive and least complicated option.

What state is most common for LLC? ›

Delaware takes one of the top spots as the best state to form LLC. More than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and roughly 63% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.

Which state has the lowest LLC tax? ›

While there are no specific laws that make it more suitable for LLCs than other states, Delaware is the state of choice to incorporate because of their business-friendly corporate tax laws. There's a reason why 66.8% of all Fortune 500 companies choose Delaware as their incorporation state.

How is anonymous legal? ›

Anonymous communications have an important place in our political and social discourse. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that the right to anonymous free speech is protected by the First Amendment.

Has anonymous done anything illegal? ›

It is not illegal to join Anonymous because you cannot join.

Does Florida allow anonymous LLC? ›

Florida allows anonymous LLCs via what is commonly called a Double LLC. In Florida you must list the member, so the key is to form an anonymous company in Wyoming and list it as the member.

What is a silent owner of an LLC? ›

A silent partner is any individual who provides funding to a business as his only contribution. Partnerships and LLCs can have silent partners. Silent partners can also be referred to as limited partners (LPs).

What is the risk of LLC? ›

Risks of an LLC

Each business owner must analyze their circumstances to determine whether the benefits outweigh the risks. The following are some of the key risks to consider: Loss of Limited Liability. Although an LLC enjoys limited liability, poor practices could result in an LLC losing its liability shield.

Can a US LLC have foreign owners? ›

1. Can a foreign person or foreign corporation own a U.S. LLC? Yes. Generally, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of any company formed in the United States, except for S-Corporations.

Can US LLC operate internationally? ›

An LLC is a domestic company in one state — its state of organization. It is considered a foreign company in every other jurisdiction. If an LLC wants to transact business in a state other than its state of organization, it will have to register as a foreign LLC with that other state's business entity filing office.

Can I live in the US if I have an LLC? ›

To work in the U.S., you'll need to get the proper visa or green card, but once you do, and once you set up your LLC, you'll be able to operate an LLC in the U.S. as if you were a citizen, with the few exceptions listed here.

What are the negative uses of anonymity? ›

Anonymity widens the gap between content creators and viewers, further increasing the chances of cyberbullying. Dream's face reveal shows that online anonymity and fame can lead to hate, acting as a catalyst for detrimental effects such as worsened mental health.

What is the purpose of anonymity? ›

Anonymity and identity shielding allow a user to hide or disguise their identifying information online. While this protects their privacy, it can make it difficult to hold them responsible for what they say and do online.

What can anonymity lead to? ›

While anonymity may make it easy for people to act antagonistically, unprofessionally, or unethically, research has shown it can also make people unusually forthcoming and helpful.

Can you have the same LLC in two different states? ›

If you want your LLC to do business in multiple states, you first need to choose a home state in which to incorporate. In your home state, you will register your company as a domestic LLC. Once you have formed your domestic LLC, you can do business in other states by completing a foreign LLC registration.

What is the best state to incorporate for privacy? ›

Nevada, Wyoming, and nominee service: Nevada and Wyoming are two states that alongside Delaware are considered “incorporation heavens” due to combination of favorable laws and other factors. Among other things both states permit what is called “nominee service”.

How anonymous is Wyoming LLC? ›

A Wyoming LLC is anonymous if you want it to be. Wyoming does not require members or managers be listed, only the registered agent and person who files the paperwork. Every WY LLC we file is private. Creating an anonymous LLC in Wyoming is as simple as finding a registered agent willing to act as the organizer.

What state has the best benefits for an LLC? ›


Delaware is well known for being the most business-friendly state for corporations. According to the Delaware Division of Corporations 2021 Annual Report, 66.8% of all Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.

Why Texas is the best state for LLC? ›

Why Form an LLC in Texas?
  • The Economy - Due to its size, entrepreneurial environment, business-friendly laws, and the number of jobs it creates, Texas has one of the largest economies in the country, second only to California.
  • Taxes - There is no personal income tax in Texas and business taxes are very low.

Why Wyoming is the best state for LLC? ›

Why is Wyoming one of the best states for LLC? Wyoming has many advantages over other states for building an LLC. It has no state income tax, filing and reporting costs are low, members' privacy is assured, and it has charging order protection laws.

What is the IRS tax rate for LLC? ›

If an LLC is listed as a C Corporation, the LLC must file corporate income taxes. In 2022, the federal corporate income tax rate is 21%, with many states adding their own taxes on top of that. Along with the corporate income tax, any profits or dividends distributed to members are subject to capital gains tax.

What is the best state to start your LLC? ›

Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming, Alaska, and South Dakota are the best states in the US to set up an LLC. All of these states have business-friendly laws for LLCs, low fees, low taxes, and don't have strict requirements on who can form an LLC in the state.

What state has no business tax? ›

South Dakota and Wyoming are the only states that levy neither a corporate income nor gross receipts tax.

Can anonymous be tracked? ›

An anonymous email address done right hides your true identity. From sender name to the IP address and metadata, an anonymous email can't be traced back to the sender.

Can anonymous be traced? ›

Can anonymous texts be traced? Under most circumstances, no. Since your true phone number is not included when the message is sent, anonymous texts cannot be traced. However, law enforcement can trace anonymous texts if they are used for criminal or malicious purposes, including harassment or scams.

Is anonymous run by the government? ›

Anonymous is a decentralized international activist and hacktivist collective and movement primarily known for its various cyberattacks against several governments, government institutions and government agencies, corporations and the Church of Scientology.

Is Anonymous a threat to the US? ›

National Security Agency calls hacktivist group 'Anonymous' a threat to national security. The hacktivist group Anonymous has become a powerful force in the past few years. The loosely affiliated group of computer programmers has launched several high-profile cyber assaults against US government and corporate sites.

Does anyone know who Anonymous is? ›

Who is Anonymous? It's an amorphous group of people that can include anyone who wants to use the brand to put forth their cause, according to Internet activist Gregg Housh, formerly with Anonymous. Housh says that Anonymous was conceived to be used and adopted by anyone.

Did Anonymous hack the government? ›

The group collaborated with LulzSec to hack the websites of a number of government and corporate sources and release information from them. As well as targeting American sites, Anonymous also targeted government sites in Tunisia, Anguilla, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Turkey, and Australia.

What is the owner of an LLC called in Florida? ›

If you own all or part of an LLC, you are known as a “member.” LLCs can have one member or many members. In some LLCs, the business is operated, or “managed” by its members. In other LLCs, there are at least some members who are not actively involved in running the business. Those LLCs are run by managers.

Who is the owner of an LLC in Florida? ›

The owners of a limited liability company are referred to as members. A limited liability company con be comprised of either a single member or multiple members. A single member LLC is taxed differently than a multi-member LLC.

How do I hide ownership of a company in Florida? ›

An anonymous LLC can be combined with a Florida land trust for additional privacy. Generally, an LLC is used for the beneficiary and the trustee. Note, the beneficiary and trustee must be separate limited liability companies. These two LLCs can be formed anonymously to keep your name off real estate records completely.

What are 4 benefits of owning an LLC? ›

This article explores some of the benefits that an LLC can offer to its owners.
  • Separate legal identity. ...
  • Limited liability. ...
  • Perpetual existence. ...
  • Flexible management structure. ...
  • Free transferability of financial interests. ...
  • Pass-through taxation.

Why do LLCs fail? ›

Your LLC Isn't Getting Proper Maintenance

If you aren't inspecting the LLC and taking care to make repairs and keep it tuned up and smoothly operational, then it's going to turn out badly for you when you need its protection. Your LLC can fail when you need it the most!

What is a tax disadvantage of a LLC? ›

A major disadvantage of an LLC is that owners may pay more taxes. When setting up as a pass-through to owners, they are subject to self-employment tax. Self-employment tax ends up higher compared to being taxed as an employee.

Do silent partners pay taxes? ›

Silent partners document any revenue or compensation they receive from their agreement with a company as taxable income. While they're responsible for their individual taxes, silent partners rarely involve themselves with the company's taxes.

What is a passive LLC? ›

The LLC is composed of a managing member (who is sometimes thought of as the “active” member) and “passive” investors who are limited members. One of the greatest benefits of being a passive investor (limited member) is that you have no additional liability beyond the amount of your investment.

What percentage does a silent partner get? ›

The silent partner steps back and lets you run the business. Once your business turns a profit, the silent partner receives 20% of the net profit. The profit is what's left after you subtract business expenses from your total sales revenue.

Does an LLC protect you from the IRS? ›

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

For state purposes, an LLC is a business separate from its owner in which the owner is protected from the LLC's acts and debts, such as bankruptcy and lawsuits. For federal tax purposes, an LLC is disregarded as separate from its owner, therefore is liable for taxes.

Does an LLC really protect you? ›

LLCs are generally valued as a business structure in that they protect the personal assets of members. If you are sued or face creditor claims, only the assets of the LLC itself can be subject to a judgment lien, with few and extraordinary exceptions. The same is true if the business fails.

How much can you lose in LLC? ›

Annual Dollar Limit on Loss Deductions for LLCs

In 2021, the threshold for excess business losses was $262,000 for single filers and $524,000 for joint filers. Additionally, for tax years 2021 and beyond, federal deductions are limited to 80% of your taxable income (without deducting NOL).

Why a Wyoming LLC? ›

Why is Wyoming one of the best states for LLC? Wyoming has many advantages over other states for building an LLC. It has no state income tax, filing and reporting costs are low, members' privacy is assured, and it has charging order protection laws.

What type of LLC is best? ›

When an LLC will be formed with multiple members, a general partnership is the preferred structure. This means that all owners take responsibility for transactions, debts, and taxes from the business. Each member can also determine when assets are sold, and he or she pays taxes on his or her business income share.

Why Texas is good for LLC? ›

Texas offers many advantages to LLCs formed in the state. Notably, its business environment and economic strength, asset protection for the members of the LLC, tax benefits, and a great deal of flexibility. If your business has a physical location in Texas, it is probably best to form your LLC in Texas.

Can I open an LLC in Wyoming if I live in another state? ›

You can form a Wyoming LLC even if you don't live in Wyoming. Residency in the state, or the USA, is not required to form a company. A majority of LLCs are formed by non-residents. Forming an LLC in Wyoming as a non-resident is the same process as for a resident.

Where is the best place to start my LLC? ›

The best state to form your Limited Liability Company (LLC) in is nearly always your home state. This is because your company is doing business primarily in that state, whether it is a physical business or an online business.

Why is Delaware good for LLC? ›

Another benefit of a Delaware LLC is their tax flexibility. When an LLC is formed, the owners can choose whether they want the LLC to be taxed as a partnership, an S corporation, a C corporation or a sole proprietorship. Single-member LLCs are not recognized by the IRS and therefore pay no taxes at all.

What type of LLC is most common? ›

The most common type of LLC is a domestic LLC. A domestic LLC is formed and operates in the same state. A domestic LLC may also register to do business in a different state, where it would be considered a foreign LLC.

What are the disadvantages of a Florida LLC? ›

Disadvantages of forming an LLC in Florida include: Initial and ongoing fees. LLCs are more expensive to form than sole proprietorships and general partnerships. Limited flexibility in ownership transfers.

Can I use a virtual address for my LLC in Florida? ›

Yes — in Florida, you can use a virtual address for your DBA. If you already have a registered business and want to expand part of your business by getting a DBA, you will need to use the registered business address used in your state filing, whether it's a virtual address or a home address.

Why do people make LLCs in Montana? ›

Why Form an LLC in Montana? Montana does not have a sales tax. If you make a big purchase, like a car, through your LLC, you will save on taxes and fees. You can also register a vehicle in Montana through your LLC to save even more money since LLCs are exempt from paying registration fees.

How much is Wyoming LLC annual fee? ›

Limited Liability Companies:

*Annual Report License tax is $60 or two-tenths of one mill on the dollar ($. 0002) whichever is greater based on the company's assets located and employed in the state of Wyoming.

How much does a Wyoming LLC cost? ›

Wyoming LLC Fees

Starting the company only requires a $100 filing fee payable to the Wyoming Secretary of State. The price is $102 if you file online. There is a $2 convenience fee. We only charge $199 to form a Wyoming LLC.

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