✅Best Pool Pumps for Above Ground Pools 2023 🏆 Top 5 Best Pool Pump for Above Ground Pool Reviews (2023)


✅Best Pool Pumps for Above Ground Pools 2023 🏆 Top 5 Best Pool Pump for Above Ground Pool Reviews
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1. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter.
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2. Harris ProForce 1.5HP Pump.
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3. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump.
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4. VivoHome 2HP Above-Ground Pump.
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📌CA : amzn.to/3iw8xgk

5. Black + Decker 1HP VS Pump.
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📌CA : amzn.to/3QxZbxf

Above-ground pools can use corrugated plastic hoses or PVC plumbing. However, it’s important to have a pump that’s not overpowered. High-HP pool pumps often increase the GPM (gallons per minute), which can cause plumbing problems in above-ground pools. There are countless above-ground pumps, so let’s find the best ones for your pool.

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Above ground pools can use corrugated plastic, hoses or PVC plumbing.

However, it's important to have a pump that's, not overpowered High HP pool pumps often increase the GPM gallons per minute, which can cause plumbing problems in above ground pools.

There are countless above ground pumps.

So let's find the best ones for your pool.

Number one, Intex, Crystal, Clear, cartridge filter, Intex pools are some of the most popular above ground, low-cost pools.

The Intex Crystal Clear cartridge filter is my favorite Intex pool pump.

This pump offers an impressive 1000 gallons per minute, which is much higher than some of the best pumps available.

It uses flexible corrugated plastic hoses to prevent the pressure from harming the plumbing.

One of my favorite features of this pump is that it has a built-in filter.

The compact design includes a cartridge that removes all sorts of debris from the water.

If you have a small swimming pool, you can use this pump filter combo without taking up too much space.

Simply twist the air relief valve and disconnect the ring to remove and replace the cartridge.

Another reason I love this above ground.

And text pump is the plumbing orientation.

Both pipes are right next to each other face, the pump toward the pool and there's, no need for awkward angles, leaks and other inconveniences.

You can use this handy pump filter combo on any Intex pool at or below 6000 gallons for many years to come the Intex Crystal Clear series is a top-notch choice for people with small above ground, swimming pools being able to reduce its footprint and clean the water daily makes this pump, an efficient, Money, Saver and space.

Saver I have no doubt you'll enjoy this choice.

If your pool uses plastic tubing number two, Harris, proforce, 1.5, HP pump.

Are you worried about spending an arm and a leg on an above ground pool pump try the Harris proforce, 1.5, HP pump.

This low-cost pump provides 1.5 horsepower without making too much noise.

It also has 1.5 and 2 threaded Plumbing, which means you can use it with any PVC plumbing in a residential area Twist on the design threaded piece and glue it into the plumbing.

Another reason you'll like this above ground pump is that it has a mounted base use cement screws to prevent this pump from moving around from vibrations, earthquakes and accidental bumps the stainless steel components found throughout this pump, make it one of the toughest pool pumps you'll come across unlike the vast majority of pool pumps, the Harris Pro Force can use PVC or plastic corrugated hoses, I, almost always recommend against using adapters to switch from one to the other.

But this is the one exception.

This pump provides a wide pressure area that prevents it from ripping the plastic hoses off of the threaded PVC Inlet and Outlet.

The Harris Pro Force, 1.5, HP pump proves.

You don't need to spend too much to get a decent above ground pool pump.

It provides more than enough power for most above ground pools and can be used with virtually any type of Plumbing it's ready to go out of the box.

So all you have to do is plug it into the plumbing and a nearby Outlet.

Number three, Intex, Crystal, Clear, sand filter pump.

The best filter pump combo has to be the Intex Crystal, Clear sand filter pump.

This combo uses the efficient, low-cost Sun media to remove fine particles from the swimming pool.

It also includes a reliable Intex pump with a 0.6 HP motor fittings, hose connections, hoses and more.

This design also comes with a base to support the sun filter.

This sand filter pump combo comes with a built-in 24-hour timer.

You can schedule to run at any time of the day I suggest using it during the hottest hours during the summer.

And the coldest hours during the winter.

It also has a 25 foot cable to let you connect it to nearby wall outlets without using an extension cord.

The Intex Crystal Clear Sun filter.

Pump is the top filter pump combo in above ground pools most combos aren't efficient or eventually require upgrades.

But you won't run into that issue with this top-notch product, everything from the multi-port valve to the sturdy base.

And motor is designed to last for several years.

Number four, Vivo, home 2, Hp above ground pump.

If you have a large above ground pool, try the Vivo home above ground pool pump.

This pump's two HP motor is more than enough for pools up to 20 000 gallons, which is as big as most above ground pools get the powerful motor isn't, too loud, which may come as a surprise considering the higher horsepower rating.

This large pool pump includes a grounding wire for safety reasons and a chemical proof coating.

It also has a big straining basket to remove fine debris from the pool.

You won't have to clean or backwash your filter nearly as much this pump includes 1.5 unions for your PVC plumbing.

They twist off for easy maintenance.

Whenever you need to remove the pump motor Etc, the Vivo home 2, Hp above ground.

Pump is durable, reliable and Powerful it's, not as well known as some of the pumps on this list, Hayward Intex Etc, but it's more than worth a chance.

If you have a large above ground pool that needs more power, I, highly recommend looking into this pool pump number five, Black and Decker.

One hpvs pump variable speed pumps, offer excellent money savings, but it's hard to find a good one for above ground swimming pools.

Luckily, the Black and Decker vs pump is the best variable speed option.

You'll find this pump offers speeds between 450 to 3450 RPMs, helping you customize your swimming pools pressure, Around, the Clock these unique vs, pumps include built-in timers and schedules.

You can tell it to run at a specific speed from one hour to the next then have it ramp up or slow down for the remainder of the schedule, there's also a manual mode for cleaning additional circulation, stirring chemicals pool parties and more another feature.

You'll love is that this pump includes adapters and unions for 1.5 and 2.

Plumbing you'll have no problem installing it into your equipment PAD as long as it uses PVC pipes.

It also has a durable base to mount it to cement or a pre-installed pool equipment.


Variable speed, pumps are almost always the best choice for any pool owner.

This pump helps you get the best of both worlds for your above ground swimming pool.

You can reduce the pump's noise Outlet without lowering its power too much.

Furthermore, you'll save enough money to pay off the pump in a couple of years foreign.


What is the easiest pool pump to maintain? ›

One of the most reliable pumps on the market, the Hayward Super Pump has made a name for itself because of its reliability. But there is much more to it. It is quiet and energy-efficient and the clear basket that requires no tools to remove making it easy to maintain.

What size pump do you need for a above ground pool and vacuum? ›

Round Above Ground Pool:

For round pools up to 24 feet, use a 1 HP pool pump. For round pools over 24 feet, we recommend using a 1.5 HP pool pump.

How many years does an above ground pool pump last? ›

On average, pool pumps last eight to 12 years before needing replacement. Over time, it's normal for pool parts to begin to wear down. In addition, swimming pool technology has come a long way in the last decade.

What size pump do I need for a 20000 gallon above ground pool? ›

(Pool capacity in gallons/desired turnover rate in hours)/60=Flow rate in GPM. Example: If you have a 20,000 gallon pool and a desired turnover rate of 5 hours, your desired flow rate would be: (20,000/5) = 4,000 gallons per hour/60 = 66.66 GPM, or approximately 67 GPM.

What is the most efficient pump? ›

The most efficient pump design is a centrifugal pump.

What is the best size pool pump? ›

What you're looking for is a pump that will be able to pump all the water in your pool through the filter in no more than 8-10 hours. This typically looks likes 40 GPM (gallons per minute) for smaller pools and 80 GPM for larger pools.

Is it better to run pool pump 24 hours a day? ›

As much as you can

If your question is “How often should I run my pump to keep the pool at its best?” the answer would be 24/7 for as much of the year as the pool is in operation.

Is a higher HP pool pump better? ›

Remember, lower horsepower pumps will generally use less energy and are the better option if they can meet your pool's filtration and cleaning needs.

Is it better to run a pool pump at night or day? ›

The best time to run your pool pump is during the warmest hour of the day; however, keep in mind that this means you will have higher energy consumption, which may lead to an increase in your electric bill. If you want to save on your energy costs, you can run your pool pump at night to avoid peak hours.

What are the three types of pool pumps? ›

There are also three main types to choose from: single-speed, two-speed and variable-speed pumps. Let's learn more about these pumps and which one is right for your backyard pool.

Can I put a bigger pump on my above ground pool? ›

Yes. You can, but what's more important to answer is do your really NEED to change your pump to one with a higher horsepower rating? If you have complete information on you pool and you've determined that your current pool pump is not enough for your needs, by all means, go ahead and change your pool pump.

How many years does a Hayward pool pump last? ›

On average, a pool pump motor can last between 8 and 10 years before it needs to be replaced. If you hear a noise, such as screeching, humming, or even no noise at all, these are warnings that something has to be done.

Can an above ground pool last 30 years? ›

The market average life of an above ground pool may be shorter than you think at about 7-15 years. However, when you buy from a quality brand and maintain your pool properly it will last many years longer than that.

Is it OK to run pool pump all day? ›

As mentioned above, it's okay to run your pool pump whenever it works for you, so long as it is running long enough to turnover at least once during a 24-hour period.

How much shock do I need to open a 20000 gallon pool? ›

For instance, if you pool is 20,000 gallons, you will add 4 pounds of shock. Green or Dark Green Pool Water: This means there's a medium amount of algae in your water and you'll need to triple shock your pool. Triple shocking requires 3 pounds for every 10,000 gallons of pool water.

Is 1 HP pool pump enough? ›

A 1 horsepower pool pump with 1.5-inch plumbing lines may filter around 60 gallons per minute. In this example, that means you would need to run the pool pump for about 8.5 hours a day (8.5 hours x 60 gallons per minute x 60 minutes = 30,600 gallons).

Does an above ground pool pump use a lot of electricity? ›

Given that pool pumps use a considerable amount of power (between 1,500 and 2,500 watts) and run for at least eight hours a day, they have a significant impact on your home's energy usage.

How do I choose the best pump? ›

Before you can select a pump that will fit your needs, you must know four things: 1) the total head or pressure against which it must operate, 2) the desired flow rate, 3) the suction lift, and 4) characteristics of the fluid.

Which type of pump is best? ›

The 10 Best Water Pumps For Home Use in India [2023 Guide]
  • Waa motors Self priming water Pump (0.5 to 1HP) ...
  • Kirloskar Chhotu Star 0.5 HP Domestic Water Pump. ...
  • Crompton Mini Sapphire 0.5 HP Water Pump. ...
  • Havells Aquaselfie 0.5 HP Water Pump. ...
  • Kirloskar Jalraaj 0.5 HP Water Pump. ...
  • Crompton Aquagold 0.5 HP Water Pump.
Feb 16, 2023

Which type of pump is better? ›

Centrifugal pumps are one of the best choices for low viscosity (thin) liquids and high flow rates. The pumps use one or more impellers and rotate with the shaft. The rotation of the impeller creates energy that moves liquid through the pump to move it through the piping system.

How many HP is the average pool pump? ›

Main circulation pumps for a residential, in-ground swimming pool would typically be in the . 75 HP to 3 HP.

What is the ideal pool pump speed? ›

For an average pool, set the speed between 1,500 RPM and 2,000 RPM. You'll want to run your pump at a higher RPM for approximately two to four hours every day. This is an appropriate speed for backwashing and will clear out any air bubbles that can form in the pump and plumbing during the lower RPM period.

How many GPM should I run my pool pump? ›

Step 1: Determine the MINIMUM FLOW RATE.
Pool Size (US Gallons)Turnover (Hours)Minimum Flow Rate
24,0008 Hours50 GPM
24,00010 Hours40 GPM
18,0008 Hours38 GPM
18,00010 Hours30 GPM
2 more rows

What are the best hours to run pool? ›

For energy efficiency best time to run the pool's filtration system is during off-peak hours when the electricity demand is lower. This time is typically between 8 p.m. - 10 a.m. Also, to warm the pool you can run it during the day, to cool it at night.

What is the ideal temperature for a swimming pool? ›

Despite this, the average pool temperature, which is said to be ideal for all, is between 77-82°F. These temperatures are low enough to prevent bacteria from growing, but also warm enough to take the chill off.

Can I run my pool pump 12 hours a day? ›

Variable speed pool pumps should run longer, based upon the operating speed. Most pool owners run their variable speed pump for 12 hours per day (3-4 hours on high speed for the pool cleaning system and 8-9 hours on low speed for filtration).

What is a good PSI for pool pump? ›

Most filter systems are designed to operate in the 5-15 psi or 10-20 psi range. The way to find out your particular correct pool filter pressure is to clean or backwash the filter thoroughly and empty the pump and skimmer baskets.

How many HP is a 1500 gallon pool pump? ›

Amperage (amps)0 A1500
Horsepower (hp)2.5 hpPlastic
Inlet ConnectionThreaded female0
Pack Size1Single Speed
Pool TypeAbove Ground90-Day
3 more rows

Is it better to run a pool pump on 110 or 220? ›

Using an 110v connection on a pump that requires a 220v supply can result in your pump running slowly or not working at all. Applying a 220v supply to a pump that needs an 110v input could damage your unit beyond repair.

Should I turn off pool pump when raining? ›

We recommend that our customers run their pumps rain or shine UNLESS you have an electrical storm. In that case, lightning could strike an outside circuit, which could damage your pump and other equipment. If you're worried about lightning, turn the pump off or shut off the breaker.

How often should I backwash my pool? ›

As a general rule, you should be backwashing your pool about once a week or in conjugation with your scheduled maintenance. Another industry standard is to backwash when your filter's pressure gauge reads 8-10 PSI (pounds per square inch) over the starting level or “clean” pressure.

How often should you shock your pool? ›

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I SHOCK MY POOL? Shocking your pool regularly will help to keep the water clean and free of contaminants. You should aim to shock your pool about once a week, with the additional shock after heavy use. Some tell-tale signs that your pool needs to be shocked are cloudy, foamy, green, or odourous water.

How long do Pentair pool pumps last? ›

Reliable pool pumps like Pentair, can last up to ten or more years. It really comes down to the maintenance and upkeep of your pool and equipment. Pool pumps are resilient to weather and outside environmental debris; however, they can deteriorate if not properly maintained.

Which is better sand or filter pool pump? ›

If you are looking for a highly efficient solution with the least amount of bacteria and debris left swimming around in your pool, the cartridge filter is your best solution. The cartridge filter can catch finer debris than a sand filter, being 10-20 microns versus 20-40 microns.

What is the difference between a 1 and 2 speed pool pump? ›

Dual-speed pumps are in the same electrical category as single-speed pumps but the main difference is that they run at a “High Speed and a “Low Speed”. Dual-speed pumps also cost a bit more than single-speed pumps as far as upfront cost is concerned.

What is better for an above ground pool sand filter or cartridge filter? ›

Cartridge Filters are a great choice for Above Ground Pools

Although they both have some advantages, a cartridge filter would be your best choice for your pool's filtration system. A sand filter will only filter down to 20 microns while a cartridge filter will filter down to 10 microns, half the amount.

What pump is better for above ground pool? ›

Best Overall – Hayward Power-Flo XL

The Hayward Power-Flo LX is our choice for the best above ground pool pump because of its time-tested design, versatility, and reliable performance. The Power-Flo XL is one of a series of Hayward's above ground pool pumps which includes the Power-Flo and Power-Flo Matrix.

How can I make my pool pump stronger? ›

How to Increase Pool Pressure
  1. Fill the water up to the proper level with a garden hose. Pool pressure is affected by low water levels. ...
  2. Clean out the skimmer basket of the pool. ...
  3. Turn the filter off and open the pool pump. ...
  4. Inspect pool hoses for cracks and leaks.

Should I run my above ground pool pump all the time? ›

Every pool must turn over at least once a day, so most pool pumps should run approximately 8 hours a day. But here's the thing: you don't have to run your pool pump consecutively. You can choose to run it for three hours in the morning before you leave for work and another 5 hours in the evening.

How often should you vacuum your above ground pool? ›

In general, it's a good idea to vacuum your pool once a week. You should also vacuum your swimming pool any time you notice large amounts of debris, dirt, or leaves on the floor of the pool (for example, your pool may need vacuuming after a heavy storm).

How do you clean the bottom of an above ground pool without a vacuum? ›

Use a rake to gather the debris pieces into a pile, and then remove the pile by hand. Bag it and dump it in a garbage. If the debris is floating and not in the bottom of the pool, you can opt for a leaf net to trap the debris along the water's surface.

What size pump do I need for above ground? ›

Round above ground swimming pools:

Swimming pools up to 24 ft. around, a 1 horsepower pool pump is needed. Swimming pools over 24 ft. around, a 1.5 horsepower pool pump is needed.

Is a sand filter better than a cartridge filter? ›

Both systems will give you clear water. But for the absolute best water clarity, cartridge filters win. Cartridge filters typically screen out twice as much dirt and debris as sand filters do. A cartridge filter takes out so fine a particle that your water actually glistens.

Why use a sand pump for above ground pool? ›

Some of the benefits of using sand filtration for your pool filter are: It's an easy to use system. Requires low maintenance that doesn't require a service call. Removes small and large dirt and debris from the pool.

Can a pump be too powerful for a pool? ›

A pool pump that is larger than needed has a more powerful motor and circulates water at a higher flow rate. This uses significantly more energy to pump the same amount of water and puts additional stress on your pipes and filter, meaning you'll need to replace them sooner.

What size pump do I need to lift water 20 feet? ›

3/4 HP Submersible Sump Pumps

A 3/4 HP pump has a pumping capacity 20 to 25 percent more than a 1/2 HP sump pump has. A pump of this size can handle a high vertical lift of 20 to 30 feet and/or horizontal pipe running between 150 to 250 feet.

What size pool pump do I need for a 30 000 gallon pool? ›

You use the following formula. Pool gallonage x 2 (the recommended number of cycles in a day) ÷ daily hourly run time ÷ 60 (minutes in an hour). So, for a 30,000-gallon pool that runs continuously (24-hours), the formula is: 30,000 x 2 ÷ 24 ÷ 60 = 41.6 or rounded up it's a 42 GPM minimum flow rate.

How do I know what size well pump I need? ›

The capacity of the pump system in gallons per minute should equal the number of fixtures in the home. This must take into account all use for the kitchen, bath, appliances, outside irrigation, a pool and special fixtures, such as a hot tub.

How many years does a sand filter last? ›

What is the lifespan of a sand filter? The filter media (material) should be replaced every 7 to 10 years. Common filter media for sand filters includes silica sand, glass balls or our Zeo-Clor filter media. The tanks typically last between 7 and 20 years.

What are the disadvantages of sand filter? ›

A disadvantage of sand filtration is the rinse water that is created when the sand filter is cleaned. This heavily polluted water must be treated and disposed of. To limit the load on the filter, a preliminary sedimentation step is implemented for heavily loaded wastewaters (a lot of suspended and sinkable matter).

Is it best to put sand under a above the ground pool? ›

Sand is the recommended base for an above ground pool, but not all sand is the same. Different types of sand are used for different applications. And it's important to use the right one for your above ground pool. Moulding Sand: Also called foundry sand, this sand binds together more closely when moisture is added.

Should I cover my above ground pool pump? ›

Even if the pool filter pump is not directly rained on, exposure to the wind and rain can lead to oxidation over time. This will degrade the housing that protects the more sensitive internal components, making serious damage more likely. This is why a well-fitted pool pump cover is so important.

What ruins a pool pump? ›

Running the Pump without Water

They will overheat and cause excess damage. Running a pump without water can also warp the lid, basket and the adjacent plumbing. If the pump continues to run without water, there is a high possibility of causing damage to the plate, seal and bearings.

When should you not run your pool pump? ›

Running the pump at night should only be when you are doing a major chemical treatment such as algae clean-up. Your pool is more vulnerable during the day, plants don't grow at night the way they do during the day–that's true of ALL plants including Algae.

Is it OK to run pool pump 24 hours a day? ›

Inground Swimming Pools

Some commercial properties require 24-hour a day pump circulation, but as a homeowner, this is not advisable. If you are lucky enough to own an Energy Efficient, Variable Speed swimming pool pump (VSP) then, yes, technically you could run your pump for 24 hours a day.

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