Landmark Forum Review (2023)


Here’s my Landmark Forum review.

Does everyone experience transformation as a result of the Landmark Forum? Absolutely not. As far as I can tell, it’s definitely not for everyone.

Personal Development, business growth, owning your shit… It’s all hard. Not everyone’s cut out for it.

I think the important thing if you’re deciding whether to do Landmark or not, is to think about why you wanna do it in the first place.

Who gets value out of it?

From the people that I was going through the experience with over the last few days, those who I think seemed to get the most out of it were:

** People who were successful, but had a sense deep down that “something” was missing. No matter how many goals they achieved, they always a feeling that it was never quite enough

** People who felt they didn’t have the best relationship possible with the people they cared about most in their lives

** People who were willing to accept that perhaps they didn’t know everything already, and people who were willing to admit that despite their success, they hadn’t got life totally figured out.

** People who were going through the motions (Job, house, car etc) but didn’t really know where there life was going beyond that.

** People who had experienced trauma in their past and never felt table to achieve what they wanted to achieve because of it.

** People who wanted to start their own businesses but didn’t really know how or hadn’t made much progress and couldn’t figure out why.

I’m sure there are plenty of others, but that’s what I observed.

I fit into the top category, I went into Landmark with the intention of finding happiness and fulfilment in my life, and I came out with that and much more.

Hope this review helps you too.

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So I've just done the Landmark Forum and finished.

My Tuesday evening graduation recently and I want to give you a bit of a Landmark Forum review.

So that you can, you know, get a feel of what's involved.

And what type of people get something out of landmark four.

And what type of people don't get something out of Landmark Forum and really get a feel for if it's for you if you're, you know, thinking of doing it, or you've heard people talking about it and what's involved because Landmark Forum is definitely not for everyone.

You know, not by any stretch of the imagination it's kind of like, you know, it's like the same thing that entrepreneurship is not for everyone, not everyone's cut out to be an entrepreneur and that's fine, you know, there's, no right or wrong everyone's different.

And so the important thing is if you're thinking about doing Landmark, Forum, get crystal clear about why you're looking to do it, what's your intention.

What are you looking to get out of it? And then, hopefully this review will get give you a bit of an idea of whether there are other people who are in a similar position as you who have got something out of it.

And if you don't relate at all, you know, or if you resonate more with the people that I'll give you my experience who didn't get anything out of it.

And if you resonate more with that side, then of course, again, that's, fine.

You may decide that it's not for you so like either's, absolutely cool.

Now type of people that I observed throughout the the main three-day event who were really getting it and actually making serious transformational shifts, where people like say, successful business owner, very goal-oriented, overachiever mindset, always crushing, 1-goal, 1-goal, 1-goal after the other after the other after the other, but just feeling that was never quite enough.

There was always like a little something missing just couldn't, put your finger on it, though, but just a feeling there was always something missing that was me.

So my intention coming into Landmark Forum was that I wanted to I wanted to find happiness and fulfillment in what I was doing rather than just saying, you know, the next revenue goal for the sake of it.

The next scale goal for the sake of it, or you know, the next travel goal, just for the sake of it, my intention going into landmark was to find purpose and meaning of fulfillment in my in my life.

There are also people who were looking to improve relation chips in their life.

So whether with their their partner, their husband wife or their parents, their children, their brothers, their sisters, their close friends.

So certain people who wanted to improve their relationships with people.

They've had communication breakdowns and weren't speaking with people who are important to them.

You know, they were people who got a lot out of landmark.

You know to really rebuild some serious bridges.

And and you know in the process kind of find themselves again.

And that was really inspirational to see there were people as well who were looking to start businesses.

So people who are feeling trapped in like, you know, corporate careers that had gone stale, or they weren't satisfied in the jobs that they were doing, and they knew that they wanted to do more, but they just weren't able to, you know, figure out how to make that step how to overcome the fear how to you know transition from where they were to where they wanted to get to those type of people got massive, massive value as well.

And also people who had experienced trauma in their past.

And and by the way trauma, doesn't have to mean like, you know, terrible, terrible, terrible things happening.

It can just be events that you found traumatic.

You know, so for me and a few of the sort of my things in my past that formed stories where mum and dad splitting up when I was 7 being bullied in school.

You know, one was even getting shot down by a girl in school that I liked.

And when I asked her out and told her that I liked her I got rejected and I, remember that for a very long time.

And so if you have stories in your past that are defining you and shaping the actions that you're taking now, which actually every single one of us do you know, if you was like public speaking fear of public speaking, you have a fear of public speaking, why'd you have a fear of public speaking always because of a past experience that's defined that you do you remember where? Maybe you put your hand up in school, and you shouted out the answer and the teacher picked you, and you got the answer wrong and everyone laughed at you.

And from that moment forward, you decided I'm never gonna speak in public again and that now defines your future.

Your future is defined by the events in your past that have happened.

And that means the future is very limited you're, not actually living into your future you're living into your past.

And so you know, if you have things in your past that you feel influenced what you do now, you know, if you think twice about doing things, if you're like I would start a business, but it's too risky, that's the story at the past.

So that's, the kind of stuff that landmark helps people get out the way you know, people let's say, oh another one was people like looking for love for examples.

They were single and were, you know, we're looking for forming a great relationship with a new person in their lives, but they're carrying all this baggage from their past.

All this trauma from past breakups, all these stories they're, bringing it all with them into their future.

And then wondering why they keep, you know, they keep breaking up with people again and again, or keep finding the same sort of person again.

And again, it's all the past and that's.

What landmarks about landmark is about uncovering all the stuff that is holding us back uncovering like the baggage that we don't even know is there half the time and then just removing it just wiping it clean so that we can move forwards and actually create a new future for ourselves without being defined by the past.

So one of the biggest breakthroughs that I II personally had is that I saw I fit into the first of these descriptions by the way like successful business owner.

You know, ticked off a lot of gold did the world travel in theme for 15 months while building a scaling companies online been here in revenue.

Go revenue.

Go revenue, go all revenue goal building out the team scaling.

But it kind of got to the point where recently a lot of what I was doing just felt quite transactional it's all about just doing more of the same stuff and it's like well, why I'm always striving for something out, but never quite feeling that I've got happiness now and I've realized that one of the things I was doing, which a lot of us do is I was setting all of my goals and living in the present from a perspective of wanting to have things.

So what I mean by that is in the present moment, I'm like I want to have more revenue in my business, I want to have more impact and help more people I'm like focusing on the having.

And what I'm saying to myself is, if in the past I have been acting a certain way, ie, working hard too have in the present moment, more revenue, create more impact help more people than in my future that will mean I will be happy fulfilled or whatever right so I'm, saying, if I act a certain way in my past I'm, gonna have a certain thing I'm working to have a certain thing in my present.

And that will mean I will be a certain thing in my future.

Now, the problem with that and I didn't realize this.

But the problem with that is we only ever live in the present moment, right? We can't time travel.

We only ever live in now.

I mean, have you ever been in next Monday doesn't happen, right? We live in the moment? And if we live in the moment and that's all we've got then all we're ever doing.

Is focusing on having and all we're ever saying is in the present moment is that when I have more then I will be happy, but you'll never be happy if being happy always exists in the future.

And that was me I'm, always saying that when we achieve this result in the business, then I'll be happy, then I'll feel this way then I'll feel this way.

But the problem is if you're goal-oriented and your success, driven you're motivated.

You ain't gonna be happy for more than 24 hours sitting still without working towards new goals.

You know, that's kind of the blessing.

And the curse of that is that as human beings, particularly if you're really success driven, you see yourself as successful, you've done a constantly one growth.

And if you run the model of if you do things in your past by acting a certain way like working hard, then you're gonna have certain things in your present, which means you're gonna be certain things in your future.

Then you will never be what you're saying you want to be, which is happy or fulfilled that was what was missing for me and landmark help me flip that on its head and realize where I was going wrong.

And the way that I'm looking at it now is that if I set an intention, right? If I set an intention to be a certain way like I want to be happy or be fulfilled or whatever it is and then I act in the present moment in line with that being I start doing the things or acting the way that I would act or would be if I was happy or fulfill its suddenly ice to feel happy and fulfilled.

And then the result comes after everything that we won.

We will achieve if we start being the person.

We need to be to achieve those results.

But traditional thinking wherever you want to call it.

You know, if you do it that way round where you want to have something before you can be someone doesn't work like that it's like saying, I want to have six-pack ABS before I'm willing to be the person who goes to the gym five times per week.

And the funny thing is I talk about this stuff on these are these videos, all the time like I know this, but there's, just something missing just something wasn't clicking into place for me.

And like landmark was just this this final epiphany.

And they they go through this thing on day, three, which is like it's, the the conclusion of everything that you you're you're going through and all the transformation.

These people are experiencing everyone's experiencing.

And then it comes to day three.

And you get this final epiphany of like how we're looking at life and looking at the world.

And then when you get it and not everyone does by the way, you know, a lot of people in the room didn't make that connection.

Some people were like they were like.


This is no way.

This can't be true.

This is not for me, but if you do get it, you realize that all the stress we feel anxiety that we feel in life anything about not being happy.

Not being fulfilled, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever, you know, it's all completely self created.

We do it to ourselves.

And we don't even realize that we're doing it I was doing it to myself, I, didn't, even realize I'm doing it.

And we can choose to just let all of that go.

Let all of that baggage all of the stories of our past that are defining us.

We can let that go, and we can literally be free to be whoever we want to be in the present moment, that's the shift.

So I think the key is if you're thinking of doing it, if you do want to do it, well, don't do it if you're not willing to go into it with an open mind, it's, probably better, not even to do it in the first place, save your money.

So like the people who are going into it.

They want transformation in their lives and will make a difference, but they're not willing to transform themselves they're, not open to the possibility of you.

No change.

Those are the people that are not going to make a change because you can't change your result.

If you're not willing to change yourself and I should say transform instead of change.

So I think the point is decide why you're thinking of doing it, what's your intention for going into it and just be willing to accept that if you're not achieving that intention in your life already well, it's, probably something that you don't know that you don't know, all right so be open to the possibility of actually it's set accepting new ideas and accepting the paps.

We don't have it all figured out if you already think you've got it figured out and your cuts already full, then you ain't gonna change you ain't gonna transform.

So you know, go into it with the right intentions.

I hope, this perspective helps that was just my experience again.

It doesn't mean, landmark is for everyone it's, definitely not.

And also by the way, if you have done landmark yourself, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, too so pop pop in the comments below if you've done landmark share your experience I'd love to hear it whether good or bad, you know, no, no, right or wrong.

Let's just let's just share a true recount of our experience of an mark.

And whether it helped us all right.

Thanks very much for watching hope.

This helps and I'll speak to you soon bye for now.


Landmark Forum Review? ›

In conclusion, Landmark seems to have some rather effective techniques, but there are also some significant red flags. I believe that attending the first-level forum would be net-beneficial for most people, but there is the risk of it going very badly for people with trauma.

Is Landmark Forum legit? ›

Spoiler alert: Do I think Landmark is a scam? No. But there is an uncomfortable amount of hard-selling and referral pressure placed on attendees to recruit friends and family to sign up for the Forum.

What does the Landmark Forum do for you? ›

The Landmark Forum is grounded in a model of transformative learning—a way of learning that gives people an awareness of the basic structures in which they know, think, and act. From that awareness comes a fundamental shift that leaves people more fully in accord with their own possibilities and those of others.

How expensive is the Landmark Forum? ›

Tuitions for The Landmark Forum
Full TuitionDeposit
UNITED STATES (US Dollars)$795$200
AUSTRALIA (Australian Dollars; including GST)$935$110
BRAZIL (Brazilian Reals)2,150500
CANADA (Canadian Dollars; including taxes)$865$150
29 more rows

Do Landmark Forum leaders get paid? ›

Landmark Forum leaders get paid a good wage for the Training and Development marketplace. They don't get paid like doctors or lawyers, and they don't get paid like retail workers. Their starting wages are in the middle to upper 'five figure' range (US dollars) and after some years they can earn in the low six figures.

Is Landmark Forum banned? ›

PSA, Landmark Forum was banned as a cult in France after the release of an investigative documentary [0] which they tried vigorously to suppress. The group is a magnet for vulnerable people who respond to authoritarian style leadership and coercive psychological techniques including public shaming and gaslighting.

What are the alternatives to Landmark Forum? ›

Alternatives and possible competitors to Landmark Forum may include University of St. Gallen , Docsity , and Live Lingua .

Who runs landmark Forums? ›

Harry Rosenberg

Does Landmark Forum use hypnosis? ›

No. They do not. Having participated for years in Landmark's program and leading many of them, Landmark absolutely does not employ these techniques. Why do some people, during the Landmark Forum, have acute mental health episodes?

What companies use Landmark Forum? ›

Landmark seminars and courses are very well known and have been used for decades by thousands of successful companies and institutions such as lululemon, Reebok, Apple, Mercedes-Benz USA, police departments and NASA, to name just a few.

Who runs Landmark Forums? ›

Harry Rosenberg

Who is behind Landmark Forum? ›

Werner Erhard, founder of 'Landmark Education's 'The Forum',' and 'est' seminars, which have about 2.4 million graduates, was influenced by Hinduism through Swami Muktananda, one of Erhard's principal gurus. John Ankerberg, John Weldon (1996).

Can you get a refund from Landmark Forum? ›

Cancel Your Registration

All payments are non-refundable. To cancel you simply must notify your local Landmark office in writing. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, or if we can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact your local Landmark office.

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