My 5 best LANDSCAPE Photography Locations in The Netherlands. (2023)


Do You live in the Netherlands or want to travel there for some Landscape Photography? Then make sure to check out these 5 locations because they can deliver some epic shots! With these locations I can go out for photography on any day I like. They all have specific elements that require different weather conditions.

With this video I hope to give you a little insight on the specific areas and when it's best to visit them.

All photos in this video are shots With Olympus / OM System camera gear.

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Foreign I want to talk to you about my five favorite landscape, photography locations in the Netherlands.

So if you ever want to go here, or if you ever if you are, if you live in the Netherlands, these are five places to keep in mind, because they have given me so many great photo opportunities, and they all have their own characteristics on when to go there, what kind of weather suits the best and in this video I want to explain a little bit about these areas and show you some pictures from those areas.

So let's dive into the video foreign on my list is called Campina and it's about 45 minutes to an hour driving from my house and it's a very open area inside of a forest.

So on the edges is Forest, but on the inside it's, a very large open area.

And it has a lot of beautiful trees that are all separated from other ones.

So you can really isolate trees there and it's a really nice area for some foggy conditions.

There are some small lakes there.

So usually that fork comes out of those lakes and covers those.

Uh, those areas, and there are also a lot of birds there, a lot of geese spoonbills, and they tend to fly over there.

So it's, a really really nice area and I shot, a couple of great images.

There I haven't been there, too much I think maybe three or four times.

But the nice thing about this area and I will show you some some images after this is that it's also very close to number four on this list.

And the beautiful thing is that this is more of an open area and the other one that I'm going to show you after this is more of a forest area.

So when I'm driving there and conditions aren't as expected as I hoped, it would be then it's, always there's, always an escape plan.

I can always change my plan on my way there and do something different.

And sometimes you just have this.

Yeah, gray, Moody mornings when nothing works.

And then both of them aren't, really suitable I think, but still then you can do some really nice stuff like you see in this video I'll, put a link up here.

And yeah, I did some double exposures there, which which are always nice to work with because there are so very big birch tree, Forest there.

So number five on the list, Campina, absolutely worth taking a visit.

Thank you foreign.

And this is a forest area with a lot of small lakes within this forest and it's.

So beautiful, there are small islands with trees on them.

And that you can really isolate from its background.

Usually the backgrounds are really far away and I've been there a couple of times.

And every time I've been there.

It delivered a couple of nice shots, and especially in Winter days or early spring days, uh, yeah, you have this this chance that there are some Haze above the water.

And you get this epic.

Light conditions.

You do have to wait because there's, no chance of a direct sunlight, and because of the trees surrounding everything.

But the moment the Sun comes over this tree line.

It can create some magical conditions.

And yeah, I really light up the trees.

And it depends on which time of year you're there.

Because sometimes of course, the sun changes its angle.

And in some occasions, it it's really side lit on some islands.

And the same Islands can be backlit on a different time of year.

So it's really worth coming there on different times of year.

And also the bird life here, a lot of geese are always inside of those lakes and it's, just a really nice area.

And the nice thing is, you have the opportunities.

You shoot over these Lakes, these little Islands, but there's also a very beautiful Forest around it with a lot of parts that are really nice to shoot light rays, especially on a little bit of a foggy day, a foggy morning.

And yeah, it's just really really nice.

Oh, so like I told you in the fifth one on this list Campina, the nice thing about oysterectomy from me coming from a little bit further away is I, always have an Escape Plan here I can always choose between this Forest Area or this open area.

So depending on the weather I have about 45 minutes in the car to think about am I going to do this or am I going to do that and usually I stick to what my plan is sometimes I, just ignore it and choose something else on my way, but they are both really nice places close to each other, definitely worth coming around for so let's quickly head on to November 3.

So before we head on to number three on this list, I want to ask you in last week's video, I already asked you, if you have some images that you would like to be refueled by me, please send them to me I want to make a video with images from you my audience, watching these videos, showing your images telling some positive feedback I'm, not the kind of guy that just cracks an image I'm, the kind of guy that gives you positive feedback.

So if you want that, and you got my promise on that one I will put your image in my video and have my my feedback on it.

So if you want that please get in touch to Instagram, messenger Facebook, Messenger fill in the contact form on my website, or just send me an email

And the second question that I have for you, what kind of videos would you like to see on this channel? What what would you like to make next to my on location videos on Sundays on Tuesdays, I always make Thursdays.

So I always make this kind of videos with tips tricks, refuse locations, just things that are on my mind about mind about photography and I'm just wondering, what's on your mind.

And what would you like to see on this channel that I can make a video about? So please get in touch and let me know then so number three on this list.

And this is a real epic place, it's called the Spiller forest or spillables in Dutch.

And it is famous for its dancing trees.

You know, these trees have grown into really strange shapes and it's just a magical place.

And especially when you encounter a little bit of a foggy morning, and you can catch some beautiful sunbeams coming through those leaves and maybe in Autumn, when things are changing colors, you can really isolate little leaves on trees or isolate, uh, uh, one tree from another.

They all have these unique shapes or get some really nice selfies there with yourself standing in light, beams there's so many possibilities there.

And if nothing if that of that works there's always a possibility to get that micro lens on and look for small things, I've shot.

Some really nice abstract images there or a really tiny Marco images from the smallest mushrooms, it's all possible there.

So it's a really nice, Forest Area.

And it suits a lot of different conditions.

But this foggy mornings.

And especially if you have temperatures around zero to five degrees with a very high humidity in the air, you have the absolute chance of these beautiful light rays going through this Forest so definitely worth checking out it's.

It is a place in winter it's, not as interesting because all those leaves will be of the of the trees.

And you won't have those colors, but on other days of the year, it's a real epic place.

Thank you foreign on this list.

And this is a real epic place.

And one of the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands is National reserve, the bullsbank and it's part of the filibustion National Park and it's, just so stunning it's.

One of the only places in the Netherlands that you have a little bit of natural hill and natural Hills, sorry, some and sex are eating me here.

But uh, yeah, it's just epic.

And all these Hills are covered in Heather and in Autumn or yeah, what is it August September? This header turns pink, and you have this beautiful, beautiful area with Heather.

And the nice thing here is that there are so many different opportunities.

So this area suits all kinds of weather.

So you have this header area with hills.

And on these Hills, there are a lot of Lone trees and especially some dead trees.

Some of them blew over last winter, but still it's just magical and around this header area, there is a beautiful forest.

And some places are really old with some really huge gnarly trees there and some are really dense where you can really find and isolate different colors or different shapes.

So a lot of trees are straight up and sometimes there's a really strange curve tree between them that you can really use to, uh to emphasize your your photos and there's also a lot of wildlife.

There are deers.

There are a lot of birds there all kinds of insects that you can photograph and there's also a really huge sand area.

Yeah, which how do you say that? Yeah, it has some some trees on it, which you can isolate, uh, three, which you can isolate stuff on sorry about that.

But uh, yeah, it's just an area that you have multiple different landscape things that can be your interest.

It has Wildlife.

So you can go all different directions here.

And what is the best place? Of course, it's it's, a foggy condition, a foggy morning.

But also just a sunset with a couple of clouds in the air can be really nice, because you can really see the sun coming up there in the far distance with all those Hills in the foreground.

And if there's no Cloud at all on a summer day like this, there are a lot of flowers in the forest that you can photograph or once again, you get this Forest where you get light rays through, um it's, just an area that has it all, but there's, one area, one area that maybe not as huge, and it might not be a and might not have as many photo opportunities as this one and in case of different subjects.

But for photography number one is my absolute favorite foreign foreign foreign I wanted to shoot this last part under this beautiful trees here, but they are completely covered in some kind of web and yeah, I don't know what it is.

But the it didn't look very nice to stand on though I know, there's these these little caterpillars that get on your skin.

And then really got these these burning places here.

So, yeah, I'm, not definitely not going to film this year.

So, uh, number one on this list and my absolute favorite area.

And there are two really good videos coming up in a couple of weeks from this area it's called National Park, the mazdown.

And especially the part that's called the Quinn and it's, a really really small area, but it's definitely worth checking out.

And this is the area that is most famous for me for its atmospheric conditions.

So Fork is is really common here.

And especially if you have some experience there, especially in the winter, when temperatures drop really low, you have some chances of fog or on a day like this.

And you will see that in the video that's coming out in a couple of weeks.

Some blue skies we had 31 degrees, but in the night, the temperature dropped to 10 degrees.

So that was almost 20 degrees temperature dropped there.

And what happens is those little pools of water there.

The water starts to vaporize in the morning, creating this beautiful Haze over the water and it's just a magical place.

You can really really shoot some beautiful Moody scenes there with beautiful light, rays, beautiful colors through this fog.

There is a lot of header around there.

So in August, you can get purple header shots there.

There is some Wildlife there's also an area more to the back with a lot of Hills, a nice tower that you can climb on to look over the forest.

Yeah, some some open areas with trees separated from other ones.

And it just has everything and maybe not as large as the number two on this list, the post bank, but the amount of atmospheric conditions that I've experienced in this area definitely makes up for it.

So number one on this list, the queen and National Park, Mustang foreign foreign.

Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed this little list of my favorite areas in the Netherlands.

And this area this list is, uh, yeah, maybe changing next year.

I'm, discovering new areas all the time like the Campina I didn't know of that last year and I discovered that this year and uh, yeah, I had some some really great moments there.

So I'm just trying to find new areas, and what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to find areas that are really different from one another.

So no matter what day I go out for photography.

I always have an area in mind, which suits that conditions.

And if you're wondering where am I standing now, these are just the floodplains on five minutes from my house.

So I drove here on my bicycle.

Uh, yeah, to watch.

This area and I was just hoping to scout out some nice trees here and just to find some areas that are really close to my house.

So if I just want to go out for about half an hour, I could just go over here and I only discovered these horses here.

Some beautiful flowers.

Yeah, these trees here, but they are covered in this disgusting web.

So I, don't know if I'm ever going to shoot that.

But these root systems they are really epic.

So I might keep it in mind.

And sometimes this area floats all the way and there's a forest of that trees over there.

So there is a lot to shoot here on only five minutes by bike from my house.

So yeah, I might get back here.

And who knows who knows this will be in my list next year, but there are some places on the sixth and seventh player spot also.

But this was the top five.

So these were my five best places I hope.

You liked the video I hope to see you this Sunday for another epic trip and yeah, I hope you like it.

So thanks for watching, if you like the video don't, forget, push the thumbs up button and there's also a little subscribe button underneath this video.

And if you push the notification Bell and select all, you will get a message when I release my next video.

So on Sundays on location videos and on Thursdays videos, like this tips tricks, reviews editing tutorials, looking at your pictures anything you want.

So please once again, let me know what kind of video would you like to see and I will try to make it.

So thanks for watching hope to see you this Sunday, bye, bye.


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This rule determines that your lens aperture should be set to f/16, with a shutter speed of 1/your selected ISO. According to this sunny day rule, if you're using ISO 100, the shutter speed should be 1/100 and the aperture should be f/16. This rule generally produces the best-exposed front-lit photos on a sunny day.

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To understand and use the rule of thirds, simply break up an image into thirds both horizontally and vertically, as seen here. The four intersection points of these lines, and the four lines themselves, are where subjects, or strong compositional lines of a photograph, can be placed to create a strong, balanced image.

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In general, it's best to put the subject's eyes in the top third. Also, the subject should be looking into the scene, not into the edge of the image. This, of course, doesn't apply if the subject is looking into the camera, but if they're looking to the side have them looking into the photo.

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What are leading lines in photography? “Leading lines are a compositional technique where human-made or natural lines lead the viewer's eyes through a photograph to the subject or the heart of the image,” explains photographer Lukas Kosslow.

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Clarity, Color, Contrast, and Consistency.

These are critical components of a strong photo.

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Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are the primary variables of the camera triangle that control exposure. However, each variable also affects other qualities of an image. Depth of field, motion blur, and noise are all determined by elements of exposure triangle photography.

Is there a market for landscape photography? ›

In general, the most common way of earning money with landscape photography is to sell your photos online. There are many methods to do it and markets to target. Even so, there are other ways to get a reliable source of income— and no, you don't have to work for National Geographic to be successful.

What are the optimal camera settings for photographing landscapes? ›

Best camera settings for landscape photography.
  • Manual camera mode.
  • Aperture around f/11.
  • Low ISO of 100.
  • White balance be set to “daylight,” “shade,” or “cloudy”
  • Use RAW picture format.

What field of view is best for landscape photography? ›

28mm (18mm) is one of the most popular focal lengths for landscape photography because it can encompass a relatively wide angle of view (75 degrees) without introducing obvious distortions. It's a good focal length for maintaining a balanced perspective between close subjects and the background.

Can you make a living with landscape photography? ›

Of course, it's still possible to make money with your landscape photography through direct commissions. You can pitch your work to potential clients such as tourism boards, magazines, travel agencies, local authorities, heritage sites and outdoor businesses.

Do nature photographers make good money? ›

Your salary as a nature photographer can vary widely depending on your type of employment. On average, nature photographers earn about $40,000 per year, while top earners can make close to $70,000 per year.

What is the best ISO for landscape photography? ›

Generally, the best ISO setting to use for landscape photography is ISO 100. But don't be afraid of increasing your ISO a bit to gather more light if you need it. Of course, the performance of your camera at higher ISOs depends on the age and quality of your camera.

What is the most profitable niche of photography? ›

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  • Product Photography. With the boom of e-commerce, product photography has become more popular. ...
  • Social Media Photography. ...
  • Real Estate Photography.
Mar 20, 2023

What do you call a person who loves to pose for photos? ›

shut·​ter·​bug ˈshə-tər-ˌbəg. Synonyms of shutterbug. : a photography enthusiast.

How do I make my landscape photography stand out? ›

Changing the aperture changes your depth of field—a wide open lens means a very shallow depth of field, and a narrow aperture means a greater depth of field. When it comes to landscapes, you want to have as much of it in focus as you can, so you want a narrow depth of field, between f/8-f/14.

Should I use manual or autofocus for landscape photography? ›

For most landscape photographers, the bottom line is simple: Until it fails, use autofocus. And when you do need to focus manually, use high-magnification live view to improve your odds of a perfectly sharp result.

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