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For those who find themselves one with the water, this is for you. While a swimming pool provides precious time for relaxation, it could cause accidents or injuries. This is highly possible, especially if you have children running around the area. You may think to yourself to shut down your pool instead, but you don’t have to compromise that far.

There is a middle ground here, where you can enjoy recreational time in the waterandkeep everyone safe while doing it. No, it’s not about getting a lifeguard. Choose to invest in a swimming pool fence instead!

Depending on the kind of fence you’ll get, a pool safety fence costs around £65 to £260 per metre. Other factors such as installation, size, and materials also affect the overall cost. If you want to get a sense of wood or glass pool fencing prices, we at Airtasker have put together an easy-to-refer price guide for you to best assess how to go about it.

What are the advantages of having a glass pool fence installed?

The great thing about having a safety pool fence is that you don’ have to give up one or the other. On the one hand, you can enjoy your time in the sun, and the other part is you can reduce and prevent accidents like drowning.Swimming Pool Fence Cost Guide | Airtasker UK (1)

But aside from safety, what are the other advantages of having a pool fence? We gathered five of the most common reasons why you should get one.


Aside from keeping people within your area safe, you should also know who else is wading in your pool. Trespassing is one of the country’s most common crimes, and having a fence installed can help keep your pool secure.


Who knew having a gated pool could look so good? This is especially true if you have a glass pool fence wrapped around the whole area. But having a fence in general, whatever kind it may be, can help enhance the overall visual look and become a conversation piece. Plus, if you want to upgrade without breaking the bank too much, a fence could be a good solution.

Increases property value

If you want to put your house on the market someday,installing a pool fencebumps up your property value. Not only will the fence spruce up your place, but you are doing the future owner of your house a favour by leaving the pool in good hands. You can also show possible buyers that you take the safety and maintenance of your place seriously.


Let’s face it. Inserting “keeping watch at the pool” becomes a back burner thought, especially if our schedules are packed. But you cannot stop that little niggle in your mind from wandering if the minor you have left unsupervised might have gone out exploring. Some fences with automatic gates require a passcode or a key to open the fence to the pool. Taking this knowledge to the heart can ease your anxiety a great deal.

Low maintenance

Take note that this is dependent on the material you choose to avail. But certain kinds of pool fences simply need a regular clean-up along with your chores. Aside from that, prices may vary and could be expensive, but the cost of losing a life is much greater. Thus, investing in a pool fence will always be the better option.

What factors affect swimming pool fence costs?

Now that you better understand why installing a swimming pool fence is advantageous, let’s look at the factors that affect overall vinyl or glass fencing prices:

Design of the fence

Naturally, a plexiglass pool fence costs differently from a chain link. The reason why each fence design varies is because of the quality of protection it provides. Not only that, the higher the cost of the material you invest in, the greater the shelf life of the product. But again, the purchase decision will be up to you and is highly dependent on the priority you have in mind when buying.

The most cost-efficient option is the mesh fence, a type made out of wood or wires. On the other hand, glass is the most expensive due to its fragility and sourcing. If you prioritise a budget-friendly fence over visual design, you can opt for the mesh. But if you want to up the aesthetics, glass is the way to go. Here are the types of fences you can choose from:

  • Mesh
  • Chain link
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Plexiglass
  • Glass


The overall cost of a frameless glass pool fence or safety fence is also highly dependent on the area it covers. Naturally, the larger the pool area, the higher the cost. You can refer to the table below for aballparkaverage of pool fences per metre. Take note that these could vary depending on the quote provided by yourspecialist.


The colours also affect the overall cost because of the type of paint you secure per material. Note that not all types of paint work with all kinds of materials. For instance, steel and iron fences require special paint that does not encourage rusting. On the other hand, wood fences can use any kind of paint. Another kind of cost you can consider for this section is colour customisation. You can ask your specialist to provide you with a quote on colour mixture.


Costing also takes into consideration the thickness of your fence. Experts recommend at least 8mm to 12mm thickness for your fence to withstand any kind of weather condition. If you’re thinking of investing, a glass pool fence is recommended to have 10mm to 15mm thickness to avoid shattering and injuring you and your guests during force majeure incidents.

Removable vs permanent

While permanent fences are there for good, it would cost a lot for you to remove them because of how it has been planted. Unless you are sure of the design you want, you can opt to invest in a removable fence instead so that you can pull it out anytime you want or desire.

How much does a pool fence cost?

Swimming Pool Fence Cost Guide | Airtasker UK (2)

Now you know the factors affecting pool fence prices. How much does it cost then to install a fence in your swimming pool? Take a look at the table below:

Size of fence

Cost (Per metre)











What kind of pool fence fits your needs?

While we have detailed the type of pool fences you can consider at length, we have also put together a short list of specific pool fences that may immediately suit your needs.

  1. The first is a baby fence. For families who have children, having a child-proof fence can greatly help ensure your child’s safety. To ensure adequate protection for children, we recommend using a tempered glass or mesh fence type. Both don’t have gaps for your children to insert themselves in and don’t cave if your child accidentally walks through them.
  2. Another is a private fence. If you are wary of peeping Toms in your neighbourhood, you can speak with your specialist to ensure your fence is built for privacy purposes. Experts recommend vinyl, wood, or metal for this category due to their opaque materials. To get the best advice, you canspeak with a security fencing specialist.
  3. Lastly, consider a luxury fence. If you dream of bringing the five-star resort or hotel experience to your backyard pool, look no further than browsing through glass or metal fences. You can even opt to paint your wooden fence white to provide opulence without unnecessarily overspending.

Now that you know how much a swimming pool fence costs, put up a task on Airtasker! We’ll connect you to specialists in your area who can help you out. From deciding on the material to installing your fence in the quickest way possible, booking through the Airtasker platform can bring you what you need when you need it.

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